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Monday, June 24, 2013

J.L.’S STORY: “I Believed the Lies of Pornography and It Influenced Me to Be Abusive In My Relationships”


Check out J.L.’s story! A child sex abuse survivor whose pornography use negatively affected her relationships. Also, please don’t forget to SHARE AND COMMENT! We will pass on a link to this post to J.L. so she can read your feedback. :-) Thanks!


J.L. (female, 19, U.S., Found through YouTube)

I’m not the usual statistic known to watch pornography. I am a homosexual nineteen year old female who also enjoys engaging in consensual sensual activities. But I can strongly agree that today you’ve made a big difference in my life as to why pornography is totally unethical.

I do see myself becoming more physically and psychologically abrasive to the ones I care about after viewing pornography; I would impulsively hit, slap, or poke my partner to the point of annoyance, or I would make insults to her on weight issues. I would ask myself, “Does she really enjoy that?” while watching the grimaces and clenched eyes, (most commonly seen in heterosexual pornography), when I believe that sexual gratification is more expressive vocally as well.

Thank you so much for the clarification regarding the definitions of eroticism and pornography. You’ve really opened my eyes. I do not take pleasure in anyone’s humiliation, therefore I will stop endorsing and viewing pornography.

On a very personal note, only once as a preschooler was I sexually abused by a stranger; after the occurrence I gained a very different perspective on sex at a young age; but differently I did not see sex as appropriate until someone becomes of consenting age. I did also believe at one point that pornography was “normal” since I assumed the girls who partook in making the films enjoyed it. Ideally people do things they love for money.

Psychologically, I was very repressive about being objectified as something sexual; I’m not in total denial of myself of anything sexual, I am passionate and have natural urges as a human. However it took me many years before I finally allowed my emotions to gather and understand that I was violated as any of the girls who partake in pornography or prostitution, the only difference is that I wasn’t given monetary compensation.

People who obtain gratification from pornography, prostitution, or engaging in a sexual act without permission should considered getting their heads checked.

Thanks again for personally approaching me for my comment, and a thousand more for creating your website and making a big difference!


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