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Friday, July 13, 2007

Mirror Site of This Blog with a White Background and Black Text

For those who prefer a white background when reading the posts of this blog, please see here. It is a mirror site of this one, with far less video content and no auto-feed news articles, so it also loads faster. It is located at Enjoy! (Sorry for any incorrect text formatting there. I don't know why that sometimes happens but I will work on it.)
Thank you to the anonymous visitor for your constructive criticism on this blog's appearance. If anyone else has any other feedback that will help improve the quality of your visits here, in relation to the appearance or functionality of this blog, please click on the "comments" link below this post and let me know how I can improve things for you. Thank you!

APA, :^)

Note once again. No more at "Read More!". The above is it.
And here is the rest of it.

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APA :^) said...

To the recent commenter to this post:

Thanks for your kind words. :^)
Anonymity and privacy are for safety reasons. I'm sure you can understand.

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