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Sunday, July 22, 2007

More Information about the CP80 Internet Porn Solution (& 4 Videos)

For those who are interested in more information about the CP80 Internet Pornography Solution, please watch the below videos. (Note: CP80 stands for Channel Port 80 Internet Channel Initiative. It is a solution to blocking out pornographic content on one's computer that would be optional, should it become available, in the same way that using a filter to block out pornography is optional. It would not be imposed on anyone, and would only be used by those who would want to take advantage of it. Please see full information here at

To play a video please just click on the arrow in the middle of it.

Traffic Control: The People's War on Internet Porn (2:36 minutes)

Solution to the Problem of Internet Pornography (3:13 minutes)

How kids can get around Internet filters (:31 seconds)

Another video about how kids can get around Internet filters. (:31 seconds)

Two other videos about the ineffectiveness of filters are here at

Please note that in no way does the CP80 Internet Channel Initiative infringe on anyone’s free speech or First Amendment rights. Nor does it interfere with anyone’s rights to receive any sort of information via the Internet that they might wish to access. It is a solution that is optional for those that might like to take advantage of it. Please see full information about this issue and what you can do to help here at, and at the website for the DVD "Traffic Control: The People's War on Internet Porn", here.

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