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Friday, July 20, 2007

Anti-Pornography Civil Rights Legislation, Obscenity Law, & CP80 Internet Regulation

Just to make a clarification for those visitors who might be interested, this blog and I are both 100% in favor of anti-pornography civil rights legislation that addresses the harm pornography does to women, as described in this Wikipedia article here. Information about Obscenity Law is provided on this blog so that people will know what the current situation is in regards to the law and pornography.

Personally I hope that some activists are willing to do the work that it will require in order to get anti-pornography civil rights legislation passed. (Which is why I suggested it on the 101 Things You Can Do To Combat the Harms of Pornography list.) However, if this were not to come about because no one chooses to pursue it, and Obscenity Law is all that is going to exist regarding pornography, my hope is that the law would be updated to reflect the current reality of our society including the Internet, etc., and that it would also include something that would address the harm of pornography to women.

That would certainly be a better situation than the way things are now, with the extremely outdated Obscenity Law that neither addresses factors like the Internet, nor anything relating to how women are harmed by pornography.

Regarding regulation of the Internet by Channel Port 80 legislation, (see here for more info, as well as the videos on the sidebar), that legislation would not restrict anyone's freedom of speech or expression. It would merely allow people to choose to allow pornographic content or not on their computer.

"The solution is simple. Categorize and organize all Internet content using the existing and available ports which will allow users to access what they want and avoid what they don't want. This solution creates a space for those who value the freedom and who want to avoid unwanted intrusions into their businesses, homes, and minds."

"The Internet Channel Initiative preserves the access to all forms of content to the consumer who chooses both the Community Ports and the Open Ports. In addition, this initiative creates a choice for those consumers who wish to receive only the Community Ports. Under either scenario, the Internet experience is determined by the consumer."

"The CP80 Internet Channel Initiative is a combination of technology and law that will allow Internet users the option of choosing to receive all Internet ports or only those ports that are free of pornographic content. The technology will categorize content into ranges of Internet ports so consumers can choose selected port packages, much like the options for cable television."

"Internet users who do not want pornographic content simply notify their Internet Service Provider (ISP), such as Comcast, AOL or Yahoo, that they want only "Community Ports" service. Internet users who take no action will continue to receive all Internet ports (both the "Community" and "Open" ports), just as they always have. Because the pornographic content is not served on Community Ports in the first place, parents and employers do not have to worry about filtering it out on their own computers. This is both a more economical and a more effective approach."

"Because the CP80 initiative allows for individual choice, the ICPA balances the First Amendment and the compelling governmental interests in regulating Internet pornography, including protecting children. Unlike Congress' previous attempts, the ICPA can survive Supreme Court strict scrutiny. View prior attempts to legislate Internet pornography. "


Please see CP80 page on Legislative Solution here for more information on the above.

If anyone has any specific reasons about why or how such legislation would interfere with anyone's civil rights or freedom of speech, or why they would be against such legislation, I would be very interested to hear whatever points you might like to make. Please feel free to comment respectfully below.

Thank you very much,

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