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Friday, May 3, 2013

‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham is now going to star in the “sex tape” “Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom,” from Vivid Pictures


It’s so sad that Farrah Abraham’s fame gained from being a TV “teen mom” gets “rewarded” with $1 MILLION to do a porn video…… Check out the disturbing details below. We feel sorry for Farrah’s four year old daughter in advance, who will have to live with her mother’s misguided choice for the rest of her life… :-(

[] — Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is hardly the first reality star to also star in a sex tape, though most end up snagging the reality show because of the sex tape, not vice-versa. Abraham, on the other hand, has officially sold her own XXX video to Vivid Entertainment for a “seven-figure settlement,” according to E! News.

And while there’s something to be said for entrepreneurship and striking while the iron is hot, it’s a little sad to see this girl reaching for the porn deal as her Teen Mom fame inevitably fades. It’s great, meanwhile, to see her talking about getting her master’s degree and pursuing “culinary business endeavors.” No doubt the seven figures will help with that. And heck, if Abraham really wanted to express her sexuality this way, so be it.

But this porn deal also indicates why so many young women are drawn into the industry: not because they want to be, but because it’s one of their few options. It’s hard to imagine that Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom will emerge as a great artistic work that sheds a new light on modern sexuality. All Vivid is doing is playing into the fetishization of a young girl who’s somewhat famous for being a “teen mom.” And Abraham is likely trying to make a buck however she can.

Let’s just hope that seven figures helps Abraham get a hell of a master’s degree and a brilliant culinary venture. And let’s hope Teen Mom ends soon so all these troubled souls — see Teen Mom 2’s Jennelle and her drug problems once again on display in last night’s finale — can get out of the spotlight and back to their real, if difficult, lives.


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