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Sunday, May 26, 2013

AARON’S STORY: “Learning the Truth About the Harms of Pornography Set Me Free from My Addiction”


READ Aaron’s story of how pornography addiction ruined his marriage and how learning the TRUTH about porn set him free. Also please don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE AND COMMENT! We will pass on a link to this post to Aaron so he can read your comments. :-)


– By Aaron (41, trucker, U.S.)

Thanks for all you’re doing to fight off the porn industry. It’s absolutely amazing how blind we can be to the effects of pornography until our lives become damaged. I allowed myself to continue drifting into my porn addiction up until recently. I always figured I’d eventually “grow out” of it. I would set New Year’s resolutions year after year, thinking I could just indulge until that date and stop for good. I have been living a double life for over 20 years.

I married, got divorced, and have three girls. Ironically my wife got me started into my pornography addiction. For my 20th Birthday she bought me a one-year subscription to Playboy. She thought if I read the magazine it would help our sex life. But all it did was make me resent my wife for not looking like the Playboy models. Our sex life was boring and I eventually found more pleasure in masturbating to the Playboy photos. I found pornography to be a convenience because it was all about my own satisfaction rather than having to worry about pleasing my wife. We divorced after eight years of marriage because we were both just bored with each other.

So I started buying more hardcore magazines. Playboy wouldn’t do it for me any more. I remained hooked because of the lie that there will always be something better around the corner. Just check out one more website or just check out this one last porn star. There was always something new to be curious about.

I have always known that pornography is wrong. But my problem has been not having an understanding of WHY it is wrong. Somewhere in my mind I could reason that since I’m not the one committing the acts on the set nor did I set the stage or hire the performers, somehow it was okay. My addiction progressed to me hiring prostitutes and having sex in oriental spas. I just craved sex any way I could get it.

The one thing that broke this cycle was when I began surfing through anti-porn sites, starting with your AntiPornographyBlog channel on YouTube that featured Sasha Grey’s interview with Tyra Banks. Discovering what it’s really like to be a porn star got me to the point where I don’t care to re-enact their experience anymore.

Part of my addiction was my envy of porn stars. I envied them because I thought they were really living it up, making all kinds of money while enjoying nonstop sex. By visiting anti-porn sites I could see that they actually live a miserable life. I didn’t know that so many of them have died of suicide, overdoses, murder, and AIDS. I also didn’t realize how many are abused and underpaid.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized it was affecting my personal life as well. Every time I’d come home to my family I couldn’t wait to get back on the road so I could indulge in porn again. I have also been lying about my finances because I couldn’t admit I was spending money on my addiction.

So here I am, taking it one day at a time. I don’t view pornography anymore. To occupy my time I read through anti-porn sites and I find more time to exercise. I could go to a porn site right now, but I choose not to. Again, thanks for helping me open my eyes to the truth about pornography.



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