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Monday, July 8, 2013

JACK’S STORY: “My Story of Child Sexual Exploitation and Sadistic Sexual, Physical and Emotional Abuse”


Check out Jack’s horrific story of sadistic child sex abuse, sex trafficking, sexual slavery and child pornography. Also, please don’t forget to SHARE AND COMMENT! We will pass on a link to this post to Jack so he can read your feedback. :-) Thanks!


By Jack from Canada (male, 21, found through YouTube)


I am a survivor of child sexual exploitation. The absolute hell that I went through all those years ago still haunts me to this day, both the memories and the physical, mental and emotional damage that unfortunately will never completely heal. I would not wish what I went through on the Devil himself. I hope some of you find my story to be helpful and if I can reach at least one man, woman or child, then I know sharing my painful past will have been worth it. The following is my story…

Ok, where to start. I was around 5 or 6 years old when the abuse started. It all started when I was at a Youth Group meeting and I had to go to the bathroom. I was walking to the hallway in the corner of the gym where the bathrooms were. I was met in the hallway by the leader of the group. I forget his name but he asked me where I was going and I said I had to go to the bathroom. He said he would “help” me.

I knew how to use the toilet, so I didn’t need help, but I allowed him to accompany me. When I was finished he grabbed a kleenex off the counter and was “cleaning” me off. He threw the kleenex in the toilet, but continued to touch me. These trips to the bathroom with him eventually became routine, and I just accepted it as his “help”. Then, when I was 6 or 7, I graduated to the next level up of the Youth Group. And it is here where the truly sadistic acts of abuse took place.

The first memory I have of being abused in this new Youth Group was when I was taken to the basement of the church. There was a general rule, and that was to never go into the basement. It was “off limits”. Anyways, one night the leader of the group said he wanted to talk to me about something, (I forget what exactly) but it was important. He led me out of the gym, and led me down the concrete steps into the basement. We went down the hall, turned a left, and entered the first room on the left.

All the doors were steel, and the walls were made of solid concrete. I remember that there was a small table and chairs on the right wall, and in the far corner, there was a cot, or some type of bed. He didn’t turn the lights on because there was a yellow-tinted window above the bed, which let in enough light. He told me to take off my uniform. I did, down to my underwear. And then he told me to take the underwear off too. I remember tears streaming down my face as I did it. Then he said that I was perfect, and started caressing and kissing me.

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