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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

“Screen stars join France’s battle to ‘save’ prostitution” – Telegraph — (While abolitionist feminists fight to end prostitution abuse and sex trafficking)


Here is a very Informative article on the French (and European) prostitution debate. A proposed French law supports the Swedish Model, which penalizes the buyers while decriminalizing prostituted women and providing exist services to them. Sadly a number of French celebrities are actually opposing this helpful law. Here’s the brutally truthful response from one of the French members of Parliament who wrote the law:

[Telegraph UK] — “Of course, it’s much less sexy and glamorous to talk about violence, of victims of the trafficking and sexual exploitation of humans – women and children – than to claim oneself a defender of sexual freedom – even if by the way, we’re only talking about the freedom of men,” she said.

“Between the fantasies of some and the reality for 90 per cent of prostitutes who are victims of pimps and trafficking, there is a world of violence and money run by international organised crime networks.” Rather than preaching from the comfort of their Parisian bourgeois homes, Mrs Olivier suggested that the stars offer a financial contribution to a future fund to “help those who wish to leave prostitution” for which the law provides.

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French “sex workers” protested: “Punishing clients equals killing prostitutes” and “We’re whores and we’re proud!”


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