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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

NEW STUDY: Does Deviant Pornography Use Follow A Guttman-Like Progression? (Less to more deviant)


Here’s an interesting new study examining whether regular adult porn use causes a progression to more deviant porn such as child porn or bestiality. Check out the study abstract and the conclusion below!


1) The younger a person is when they first intentionally access porn, the more likely they are to end up using more deviant pornography such as child pornography and bestiality.

2) “Desensitization may put an individual at risk for progression from nondeviant to deviant pornography behaviors.”

STUDY: Does Deviant Pornography Use Follow A Guttman-Like Progression?

Published in the peer-reviewed journal Computers in Human Behavior 29 (2013)


This study investigated whether deviant pornography use followed a Guttman-like progression in that a person transitions from being a nondeviant to deviant pornography user. In order to observe this progression, 630 respondents from Survey Sampling International’s (SSI) panel Internet sample completed an online survey assessing adult-only, bestiality, and child pornography consumption. Respondents’ “age of onset” for adult pornography use was measured to determine if desensitization occurred in that individuals who engaged in adult pornography at a younger age were more likely to transition into deviant pornography use. Two hundred and fifty-four respondents reported the use of nondeviant adult pornography, 54 reported using animal pornography, and 33 reported using child pornography. The child pornography users were more likely to consume both adult and animal pornography, rather than just solely consuming child pornography. Results suggested deviant pornography use followed a Guttman-like progression in that individuals with a younger “age of onset” for adult pornography use were more likely to engage in deviant pornography (bestiality or child) compared to those with a later “age of onset.” Limitations and future research suggestions are discussed.



There is a debate in the literature regarding the effects of unwanted exposure to pornography by young children; however, few studies assess the age of intentional use of nondeviant and deviant pornography. Despite attempts of monitoring, filtering, or deleting images or websites on the Internet, nondeviant and deviant of pornography will continue to be accessible, affordable, and anonymous (c.f., Seigfried-Spellar, Bertoline, & Rogers, 2012). Growth in the number of deviant pornography users (i.e., child pornography) will only increase as the current 2.45 billion of the world’s population (35%) with Internet access continues to increase (ITU, 2011). This growth will only add importance to understanding “why” some people view, download and exchange deviant pornography when others do not. This exploratory study suggests “age of onset” for nondeviant pornography use is related to later deviant pornography use. In addition, women are engaging in child pornography, but men are still more likely to be consumers of child pornography. As suggested by Quayle and Taylor (2003), desensitization may put an individual at risk for progression from nondeviant to deviant pornography behaviors. Future research should assess whether individual differences (e.g., openness to experience, consciousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism; see Seigfried-Spellar & Rogers, 2013) are related to this Guttman-like progression for deviant (i.e., child) pornography use.

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