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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hustler’s Larry Flynt advises women: “DON’T DO PORN FILMS: You’ll get used up and it takes your soul”


Wow! Larry Flynt (@ImLarryFlynt) is now advising women to NOT do porn because they’ll “get used up” and “it takes your soul”!

Well, considering his Hustler porn company has produced thousands of porn films over the last several decades, he certainly ought to know! Hopefully this advice of his (or admission, depending on how one looks at it), will be listened to by some misguided young women who are considering entering into the porn industry…

[Hollywood Reporter] — Larry Flynt Tip #6 of 6 for Porn Stars: DON’T DO IT.

“I wouldn’t advise them to do it. There’s a difference between a girl that makes a movie and a girl that poses for a magazine. Most of the girls that pose for the magazine aren’t doing it for the money; they’ve got great bodies, and they’re doing it for posterity’s sake. But where the money is to be made is if they move into films, and I wouldn’t advise that. You get used up very quickly: Within three or four months, the average girl will just get used up. It just takes your soul, you know? It just takes your soul.” comment:

So true, Larry! Thanks for being honest and telling it like it is! Please feel free to now take all of the money that you earned from those porn films that “used up” those women and “took their souls,” and donate it back to them to help compensate for the horrific damage done to to them by your company!

For those who are interested, the rest of Larry Flynt’s “tips” are at the link below…

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