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Friday, November 16, 2012

LA County’s Measure B is a major win for safe sex in adult entertainment – by Gail Dines

Check out this great article by Gail Dines (@GailDines) about the recent success of condoms in porn being required — despite massive efforts by the porn industry to stop the ballot measure in favor of this. Gail’s article is very informative and inspirational and it shows how committed activists CAN make a difference by helping to clean up the greedy, corrupt and exploitative porn industry!

[The Guardian] As an anti-porn feminist academic and activist, I am often accused of being in bed with the right. Well, the time has officially come for the pro-porn camp to stop worrying about my bedmates, because they seem to be the ones who are cosying up to some very strange bedfellows indeed.

Who, for example, would have believed that the pornographers would end up in the same corner as the Los Angeles County Republican Women’s Federation? This was just one of the groups, along with the Los Angeles County Republican party, that supported the porn industry’s efforts to stop the Los Angeles County ballot initiative that would require condoms to be used for vaginal and anal sex in porn films shot in the county. Known as Measure B, and authored by the Aids Healthcare Foundation (AHF), this initiative also requires porn film producers to obtain public health permits. Repeated failure to do so could result in civil fines or misdemeanor charges.

Even though there was a massive campaign against this measure – orchestrated by the porn industry and supported by business organizations such as the San Gabriel Valley Legislative Coalition of Chambers of Commerce and the Valley Industry and Commerce Association (Vica), which proudly boasts that it “promotes a pro-business agenda” – the measure passed on 6 November, with 55.9% of the vote.

It is worth noting that some of the “premier partners” of Vica include Chase Bank, Walmart, Southwest Airlines and Vons (a Safeway company). With friends like these, it is clear that the pornographers’ carefully crafted image as a bunch of cool, hip, renegade artists at the cutting edge of protecting our fantasies and freedoms is bogus. They are in bed with the big boys of American capitalism, and the fact that a non-profit group such as AHF won is a rare instance in this country of David beating Goliath.

It’s no surprise that the mainstream media has virtually ignored this, because it shows just how a well-organized, committed and dedicated group of activists can fight and win against corporate power.

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