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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Japan Sees Surge in Aspiring Adult Film Actresses Over Decade, “6000 Girls Debut Every Year”

Wow! #Porn is REALLY mainstreamed in Japan now! “It’s just like applying for a part-time job at a convenience store”. Ouch! And apparently so many young women are applying to be in porn that they are turning many of them down! Wow. This is fortunate of course for the ones who are turned down, but it’s so sad for the many thousands per year who are “accepted”… :-( Read more below…

[Rocket News] The Japanese sex film, or adult video (AV), industry is big business. It’s said that around 20,000 videos are released annually and some Japanese AV actresses have achieved celebrity status even outside of Japan.

And it’s not just demand for Japanese skin flicks that’s thriving.

According to nonfiction writer Atsuhiko Nakamura, who has published several books based on interviews with AV actresses, the number of Japanese women seeking work in the adult video industry has increased dramatically over the past decade, with some 6000 girls making their debut every year.

Atsuhiko Nakamura has interviewed over 500 AV actresses and made headlines in Japan for casting light on the dark side of the AV industry with his bestselling book, “Namae no nai Onna-tachi” (“The Nameless Women”).

“Actresses come and go every day and it’s likely that there are about that many [6000] women in the industry at all times,” explained Nakamura during a recent investigative television program.

“Until the late-90s, a lot of people said they wouldn’t appear in an AV even if they were paid ten million yen (about US $128,000), but that rapidly changed over the decade and now normal girls are rushing for a chance to make it into any kind of production.”

While there were always spots open for amateurs in the 90s, now it’s said only 15 out of 100 aspiring actresses can get a role and the rest are turned away at the door. It’s just like applying for a part-time job at a convenience store.”




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