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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Blog Status Update and New Anti-Pornography YouTube Channel

Greetings to all visitors! :^)

I would just like to clarify that this blog is not yet officially launched or announced. (But hopefully it will be in the next few weeks.) I still have a lot of basic establishment work to do on it before it's ready for an official debut, as well as revisions of all the posts.

However in the meantime you are all welcome to check out all the posts in their rough draft form, and of course watch any of the more than 100 anti-pornography videos here. (Please don't forget to read the instructions on the sidebar! :^))

The majority of the videos are now also able to be seen here at my new Anti-Pornography YouTube Channel. It too is still in a rough "not yet officially launched" state, (I am still learning how to edit and upload my videos properly), but there is a lot of useful information there to keep anyone busy for quite a while. :^) Note: All the videos are organized by category for easy locating here at my "Playlists".

The videos in the sidebar of this blog that are longer than 10 minutes are not able to be put at my YouTube Channel, (they are Google Videos), so if you want to view them they should be seen here.


APA, :^)

(Note: No more at "Read More". The above is it.)

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