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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Man Who Held Sex Slave Captive for 6 Years Sentenced to 20 Years. PORN used to groom victim into BDSM


Practicing BDSM often leads to SEVERE ABUSE: A mentally disabled teen girl was imprisoned, trafficked and tortured — for SIX YEARS — by a couple who pimped her out for profit to other sadists for their sick sexual pleasure.

First she was groomed with pornography, as is often the case with sexual abuse victims:

“She described how the Bagleys initially showed her images and videos of people practicing bondage, dominance, sadism and masochism — or BDSM — and told her it was fun. She signed a contract on her 18th birthday that Bagley said made her his sex slave for life.”

Then she was imprisoned and tortured — sometimes for just for personal gratification, and sometimes being pimped out or turned into live pornography so others could take sexual pleasure in her suffering:

“The girl allegedly suffered water-boarding, electric shock, piercing and mutilation, according to the Kansas City Star.

Four other men have been charged for allegedly paying Bagley to have sex with his ‘slave’ and to watch webcam sessions of her being tortured.”

Clearly sadomasochism, pornography, prostitution and sex trafficking are all very closely related, and if one is against any one of them, one needs to take a stand against ALL of them.

READ THE REST of this tragic story that demonstrates the truly horrific harms of pornography and sadomasochism. WARNING – GRAPHIC AND DISTURBING!


B = Bondage

D = Domination, Dominance, Discipline

S = Sadism, Sadist, Submission, Submissive, Slave

M = Masochism, Master


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