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Saturday, August 30, 2014

NICKI MINAJ’S “Anaconda” music video is basically SOFTCORE PORN – Yet is not age restricted on YouTube


Nicki Minaj’s graphic “Anaconda” video has now passed 100 MILLION VIEWS at YouTube in ELEVEN DAYS — because it’s SOFT CORE PORN. ~ And yet as of this writing it’s not even age restricted at YouTube! We have reported it and encourage all of you to do the same. (Click on “MORE” below the video when you are signed in to YouTube, and then “REPORT.”)

Cream shots, provocative banana poses and lots of girl-on-girl action makes for the stuff of teenage X-rated fantasies. To finish off the show she gives Drake a racy lap dance.

READ MORE in the article below:


It’s so sad to see the degrading sex trade continuing to be glamorized and promoted in pop “music” videos. :-(

FYI, the term “anaconda” is a euphemism for “penis,” as in the lyric from the video…

“My anaconda don’t want none unless you got bunz, hon.”

In other words, the video is basically titled “Penis.”


If you want to view the video so you can decide for yourself if it deserves to be flagged, or so you can share your feedback… here it is below.

Warning! It’s very graphic, sexualized, and likely offensive and disturbing to most anti-porn people.



If you don’t want to subject yourself to the full pornographic video, or if you just want to check out the profane lyrics of the video, below is the somewhat tamer “lyrics version” of the “music” video. WARNING: It still contains visuals and language which many people here will likely find offensive.



So… What do all of you think of this, both the video and the lyrics? Basically porn, or not porn? Or does it not even matter because it’s sexist, misogynistic and harmful no matter what category it falls into? Please share your thoughts! Thanks! :-)

Note: The purpose of this post is not to bash or “slut shame” Nicki Minaj personally. Rather we are critiquing how the music industry seems to have devolved into profiting off of sexualizing and exploiting young women and creating pseudo-porn of them, and what the impact of this is on young people growing up with this sort of extremely sexualized, pornographic and sexist media in popular mainstream pop culture.


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