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Saturday, June 7, 2014

GREAT NEWS! – Buying sex is now illegal in Canada for the 1st time! Women selling sex is decriminalized


Yay! Prostitution is now illegal in Canada! Plus there’s a new focus on DEMAND — through prosecuting pimps and johns — and on helping women exit the sex trade and transition to better lives. See basic details below, and the full press release covering all points at the link.

“The Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act is a “made-in-Canada” model, which directly targets the demand for this dangerous activity. The Act would introduce tough action to crack down on pimps and johns. For the first time, the purchase of sexual services would be criminalized, with tough penalties for those who exploit others through prostitution. The proposed legislation would also protect and safeguard our communities-in particular women, children, and those who are at risk of being drawn into prostitution-from the dangers associated with prostitution, including violence, drug-related crime, and organized crime.

“This model involves a significant overhaul of the Criminal Code’s treatment of prostitution and related activities. It would:

– Criminalize those who fuel the demand for prostitution, i.e. purchasers of sexual services;

– Continue to criminalize those who financially benefit from the exploitation of others through prostitution, such as pimps, and those who procure others for the purpose of prostitution;

– Prohibit advertising for the sale of others’ sexual services in print or online;

– Immunize those who sell their own sexual services from criminal liability for any part they play in the purchasing, material benefit, procuring or advertising offences;

Protect our communities by criminalizing communicating for the purpose of selling sexual services in public places where a child could reasonably be expected to be present;


– Increase existing penalties relating to child prostitution.

“These measures will be supported by $20 million in new funding, including to support grassroots organizations dealing with the most vulnerable. Assistance will be provided to those who want to leave this dangerous and harmful activity; therefore, there will be an emphasis on funding programs that can help individuals exit prostitution.”


NOTE: We acknowledge that this is not the same or as ideal as the full Nordic Model that abolitionists were hoping and working for, but it is still a HUGE improvement from previous laws, and an even greater leap from what pro-sex industry people were going for. So we consider this to be a significant success and an enormous step in the right direction. Go Canada! :-)


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