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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Greetings and latest blog status update. :-)

Hi everyone. I am indeed still here and will be posting more in the future. I am just having to take a some time out to take care of some personal matters, and also to learn some new multimedia skills so that I can upload lots of great new anti-pornography videos and other media for you in the future. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy all of the posts and 100+ videos that are currently here! :-) (See sidebar and next post down.)

March 2010:

For the best current information about the documented harms of pornography please visit the extremely informative new website Pornography Harms at

"Dedicated to providing the most accurate peer-reviewed research on the harm from pornography, along with relevant news and opinion."

This outstanding website comprehensively addresses the harms of pornography in regards to all of the following categories: addiction, brain science, children, cybersex, family, Internet, Internet safety, marriage, men, psychological, prostitution, relationships, research, self image, sex trafficking, sexting, sexual violence, societal, STDs, teens, and women.


Additional note: A must-see, GROUND-BREAKING new documentary on pornography has just been released to help educate the public about the harms of pornography. Please visit the website for "The Price of Pleasure: Pornography, Sexuality and Relationships." Many videos clips are available there, including one of Noam Chomsky discussing the issue of "choice" in regards to performers participating in the porn industry. Or, you can see the whole film HERE right now at Media Education Foundation.

Additional note: The AMAZING and very eye-opening Stop Porn Culture video slideshow "Who Wants to Be a Porn Star?" is now once again available on the Internet! It exposes the true harsh reality of the porn industry and analyzes it with many profound and disturbing insights. To watch it right now click HERE.
For more info about Stop Porn Culture please visit their web site and their events page.
Enjoy! :-)

Below is a little preview of my YouTube channel. It has over 200 anti-pornography and related videos collected all in one place and organized into over 40 playlists -- just for you. :-) (Instructions below video player.) Please note that the Sasha Grey video series are the first videos below in the bigger player that is embedded into the next post down on this blog, so you might want to watch them there. Or you can watch them at YouTube, where they are greatly enhanced with additional educational annotations and commentary. :-) Just click here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I will be uploading more videos in the next few months, so please do feel free to click on that little yellow button below and SUBSCRIBE! Thanks. :-)

To watch the videos above just hover over the bottom of the video screen and then click on the arrow play icon. Or scroll through the videos using the right and left arrow icons. Please note that "Parts 3 & 4 Porn Star Sasha Grey on Tyra Show" is the same as "Part 3 Teen Prostitute on Tyra Show", and that my "Team Prostitute on Tyra" video series also has annotations on them if you watch them at YouTube. (Click here.) If you hover over the bottom of the screen above after you watch a video it will bring up others that are a mixture of videos from my channel and other channels.

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lost clown said...

Good to know. I'm making my way through your 100 videos. Thanks.

APA :^) said...

Hi lost clown. You're welcome, and it's good to hear from you and to know that you are watching all the anti-porn videos. :-) There certainly are a lot of interesting and diverse ones floating around out there in the cyber universe.

If you get through all those on that top 100 list, then feel free to visit my YouTube Channel and check out the Playlists section. I have at least 100 more sexploitation-related ones there in different categories such as: miscellaneous, pro-porn, (disturbing but informative), prostitution, sex trafficking, To Catch a Predator, masculinity, sexist media, and woman-focused or feminist general videos.

I'm glad that there are so many good videos available already, but I'm still excited about being able to soon upload some more from my own collection. (That has been gathering dust for years now. :-))

As the expression goes these days, "It's a YouTube world", so I feel it's really important to share the truth about porn and sexual exploitation via as many videos on YouTube as possible. I hope you and everyone else enjoys them and finds them useful after I finally get them edited and uploaded. :-)

lost clown said...

I hope yo're still around. I get so much great stuff off this place and you've kind of fallen off the face of the planet, though I hope it's because you're busy, not because you've given up on blogging!

Anti-Pornography Activist :-) said...

Hi lost clown. Thank you so much for your kind words and support. :-) I am indeed still here and will be back when I can. In the meantime, I am just taking care of some necessary personal and professional business... ;-) I hope all is going well with you these days! :-)

Matt said...

I don't understand the point of this blog. Do you really think you're ever going to stop pornography? Wouldn't a campaign against oxygen be more plausible and effective?

Anti-Pornography Activist :-) said...

Hi Matt. The point of this blog is to provide helpful information to readers about pornography in order to assist them in making informed choices about their use of pornography and/or their participation in it. I have had many people share with me that I am accomplishing this goal. You can see the 4/14/08 comment on the Jenna Jameson 25 Reasons post for an example if you like. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for your page! Do you have any information or videos on Human Trafficking?? I'm looking specifically for a vid that would show the statistics of it in the U.S. My only problem is that many on Youtube that do that don't explain what Human Trafficking is very much, which makes it hard to show someone who's never heard of it. Any ideas? I'd appreciate it!!
Emily Grace

Anti-Pornography Activist :-) said...

Hi Emily. I am checking on Human Trafficking videos for you. I will post a response to you in the next few days. :-)

Anonymous said...


Anti-Pornography Activist :-) said...

Hi Emily. Well, I haven't had the time to really properly do research on trafficking videos as I had hoped. So... rather than keep you waiting any longer, I will just share what I already know of:

1. Any of the versions of "Demand" video by Shared Hope, at this link here: (Excellent for demonstrating how all types of the sex trade are interrelated.)

2. The "Not for Sale" video.

3. Some of these videos here on my YouTube channel "Sex Trafficking" playlist. (4 pages of them listed there.)

I hope you find some videos in the above that help you! :-) Good luck with you work.

P.S. Sorry for the delay in my reply. Unfortunately due to personal and professional responsibilities I am not able to keep up with my anti-sexual exploitation activism these days. But I definitely plan to get back to this important work as soon as I can! :-))

Anonymous said...

Hey, I appreciate it very much!! Thanks! I'll check those out!

Juha said...

I wanna say that I respect you and I respect this... "crusade". This is not an attack against you or your beliefs. I just want to find the core issue here.

Listen. Why... are you doing this? I really want to know, because there doesn't seem to be anything to it.

I get that you are worried about the sexual abuse in porn business, and that there wouldn't be any, if there weren't anyone who'd buy porn.

Right, so analogously, there wouldn't be any wars in earth if everyone was dead. Huh?

Listen, why do you think those woman work in porn industry? Have you figured that out? Because, in this case, I really want to know it too. I can't think anything but: money. They work there because they need the money. Why else? Because they want to be abused? I doubt it.

So, have you thought about what would happen if everyone just decided to stop buying porn and the whole industry collapsed? Think about it. Those girls wouldn't have their jobs any longer so they'd be in the same situation where they began. No money!

What should they do then? Start stealing? How about getting some other job? Right, why don't they have some other job now? The porn industry is abusive, but the women working there won't get another job for... some reason. Again, why? I haven't read everything you've written, so if you've already answered this, would you please post a link for me, thanks.

If you haven't, the only solution I can think of is two words:


Again, I respect everyones right to be ignorant, but this crying about how much their life sucks when they themselves choose to live that way... it just makes no sense. Are they hungry for attention or what?

Thanks. I hope you find time to reply.

Anti-Pornography Activist :-) said...

Hi Juha.

Thank you for your comment. The answers to your questions are indeed in other posts here on this blog, as well as at my MySpace site ( and at my YouTube channel. Please feel free to review all of those.

I particularly would recommend the blog posts here "Jenna Jameson's 25 Good Reasons Why No One Would Ever Want to Become a Porn Star" (link at top of page), and "Do you think the production and/or distribution of pornography, for personal and/or commercial use, should be illegal?"
(Aug 7, 2007.)

As for videos, if you go to YouTube and search for the videos "A Drug Called Pornography" (Parts 1-7), and "Noam Chomsky on Pornography", and watch them, those should clarify things for you. If you do all of the above, and your questions are still not answered, please let me know. Thanks.

For what it's worth, I too very much believe in personal responsibility. In particular I believe that the pornography industry should take responsibility to properly take care of the health of their performers. Please google and read the article "The Adult Film Industry: Time to Regulate?", which demonstrates very clearly that currently they are not.

All that being said, why I am doing this work can be summed up with my YouTube channel headline: "Silence in the face of evil and abuse is complicity." (The pornography industry is full of both, and many who are in it themselves would agree.) I don't want to be complicit and part of the problem. I want to be part of the solution for a better world, and am doing my part to be that. As Gandhi says "You must be the change you wish to see in the world."

I look forward to hearing your thoughts after you've been informed with the above references. :-)

Anti-Pornography Activist :-) said...

I forgot to mention that my video series "Porn Star Sasha Grey on Tyra Banks Show" will also be very helpful in answering your questions. Thanks. Here is the url:

turdsniffer said...

I would like to say that I like that you are concerned about the abuse in the porn industry. I think that I see the pornography problem in a different way. I am a bit more concerned about the people that get addicted to this sort of material. It is clear that it has long lasting effects on the brain and is destructive to the family and traditional values many people hold dear.

Some might say that people that don't want to watch it can just quit not watch it but the sad fact is that pornography has a very addicting quality about it. It plays off of a very basic instinct that we have of being attracted to each other. So it can be difficult to tell yourself not to be attracted to porn. Not only that but in some form or another pornographic material surrounds us more and more all the time.

Anyway this is becoming a bit long. I just wanted to say that I know of a website to help people that are having problems. The website is Anti-Porn Network . Maybe you could add this to your list of useful anti-porn websites.

Anti-Pornography Activist :-) said...

To Oct 3 commenter:

Thank you for your feedback. I agree that excessive pornography use (or addiction/compulsion, etc.) is a serious problem, and that pornography is also harmful to families. Thankfully there are many individuals, groups, and organizations who are focused on dealing with those harms. (See list on sidebar titled "Family and Children Oriented Anti-Porn Internet Resources", to which I just added The Anti-Porn Network. Thank you for bringing that resource to my attention.)

Unfortunately, however, there are only a very few people who are focused on addressing the horrific abuses to women in the highly unregulated pornography industry that destroys the lives of increasing numbers of young women every year. I am working to fill that void and expose the harsh realities of the industry so that young women can avoid making the mistake of participating in something that was presented to them as glamorous, but is instead horrifically destructive. (And from which they will never be able to fully escape, as their videos will be available to the public to view for the rest of their lives.)

In any case, all aspects of pornography need to be addressed in order to improve the situation, and I am glad that you are concerned about the issues and are working on being part of the solution to dealing with the many harms of pornography.

Thanks again for sharing.


Anonymous said...

Is it okay for a site to have very nasty sexual content and a lot of underaged members in it? I think its not right and it feels illegal. There is a ning site that does this. They have the warning 18 over thing up, but they still have a lot of underage people, some as young as 15 years old. Besides hardcore pornography they have these men there with raunchy naked profiles exposing themselves. Its absolutely revolting and dispicable.

I have tried to make complaints to, but they aren't doing anything about it and its sick that they tolerate this.

I know maybe its their site and they have freedom of speech, but there are minors being exposed to very gross stuff from adults???

I don't know if this is the right place to make a complaint, but I'm complaining, and I would like to know if others agree with my judgement and maybe we can all help complain about this site so Ning can do something.

The site in question is

If you care about impressionable teens perhaps getting themselves involved with questionable old men who put up pornography and naked pictures of their genitalia to 15 year old girls, please make a complaint to.

I really like Ning, and I think its funner than Myspace and better, and I just feel as though most of Ning should be safe for teens to wonder around here. The content and raunchy naked men and minor girls and boys, just don't seem to be a safe environment in my mind.

If you guys would just go and take a look at their pictures alone you will see what I mean, I saw the videos in their gay section. Something should be done at least? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! This blog made me open my eyes!

IamAwake86 said...

It was very refreshing to see a channel like this and I praise you for your efforts. It was almost as theraputic as a 12 step meeting or support group and I feel inclined to share. I was a professional musician for many years. Sex, drugs and rock and roll. Let me tell you, its not all whats its cracked up to be. I also developed a drug and alcohol abuse problem. However the drugs were a secondary addiction that I used to fuel my primary addiction and compulsion for sex and pornography. I discovered methamphetamine in my early twenties and found that I was able to perform at very high levels so to speak. It also made me overtly sexual. Pornography became an obsession and the ever increasing need for harder and harder porn began to destroy me. I soon found that my arousal level had become so high that normal loving, healthy, sexual intimacy was an impossibility. If the sex was not rough, degrading, and in some cases cruel I was simply not turned on. To fuel my needs, I became involved for a short time in the filming of porn. Shortly afterwards my like began to fall apart. Pornography led me into a deep depression and I became suicidal. I began to feel hopelessly impaired. I was overcome with sahme and guilt about my desires, my treatment of women, and myself. Drugs and alcohol were far easier to give up then my pornography and sex addictions. I actually experienced severe physical and emotional withdrawl symptoms. Pornography is extremely dangerous. I have Since turned to 12 step programs and the Lord. I have been abstinate and porn free by the grace of God for almost 4 years now. I hope that one day I will be able to have a healthy relationship. A relationship based on love, free of sexual degradation and cruelty. Free of the need to run from what I fear most. That being real Intimacy. Free from the pornography images that burned themselves into my psyche and distorted my view of women. I highly recommend the book "False Intimacy" by Dr. Harry W. Shaumburg for anyone dealing with sex and pornography addiction. And might I suggest that you include more links that reference treatment. Thanks for letting me share, keep up your campaign and God Bless

Anti-Pornography Activist :-) said...

Hello IamAwake86. :-)

Thank you so much for sharing your very moving story. I really appreciate your doing so, and all of your kindness and support.

I wish you all the best for a very happy, successful and fulfilling porn-free life. :-)

Daniel Scheiner said...

I just want to say good blog though i disagree on your views.

Anti-Pornography Activist :-) said...

Thank you, Daniel. :-) I appreciate your kindness and positive feedback.

Anonymous said...

There should be another word for it.

I know that there is a lot of sex-positive "pornography" that is being produced which isn't full of exploitive, degrading material.

In my city alone there are several sex stores where this kind of pornography is sold and education is available (ie:

However, you make a point that there is a mainstream in the industry that does engage in questionable business practices. They expose their actors to dangerous conditions and the content they produce can cross a line with many people. These organizations beg the question: would regulating these businesses improve the situation?

Honestly I don't see pornography ever leaving. It's been a part of human nature for hundreds if not thousands of years (whether authentic or not, I wasn't able to tell; but there is a sex museum in Paris with some very antique "porn"). And I don't see the themes of humiliation or degradation leaving the industry either: some adults do consensually agree to view and participate in such fantasies. And this begs yet another age-old debate: how much power do we give society to regulate our sex lives and how do we protect the children?

I don't see an anti-pornography stance doing much to change the debate because it seems to take a position that refuses to engage in it.

But you have made a good many points in your videos that I actually agree with. I think you might be able to educate people on making informed choices if were a little more positive and not confrontational.

"Us or them" won't work, IMO, because people still want porn. I believe that a great many people will be more likely to make positive choices in the kind of porn that they buy if they were better educated on subject. Unfortunately porn isn't something discussed in media studies.

Anti-Pornography Activist :-) said...

To Anonymous of March 30, 2010:

Thank you for your fair and thoughtful feedback. I do address regulation elsewhere on this blog so perhaps you might find it helpful to look around and check out what I have written.

I'm glad that you agree that people will make better choices if they are educated on these issues. That is the purpose of this blog and my other work, and the good news is that it is having a meaningful impact on educating many people and they are indeed making better choices. :-)

Anonymous said...

this is what you should have said to the anonymous poster who said that they don't see the themes of humiliation and degradation leaving pornography because some adults do "consensually" agree to view and participate in such "fantasies", that it's the very sexist gender divided,gender stereotyped male dominated woman-hating society which created and normalized pornography in the first place,that sexualizes the degrading and,hatred ,humuliation,objectifaction, of women,gender inequality,male dominance,and even male violence!

Pornography both re-enforces and reflects men's irrational hatred,and dominance of women,and women's subordination to men and it treaches this is normal and sexy to women as well! And then many people like this poster assume and say women *want and like* to be degraded and humiliated!

Anti-Pornography Activist :-) said...

To Anonymous of April 10, 2010:

Thank you for your comment and I agree completely with your sentiments. (Those who have read the rest of this blog and my work elsewhere, such as at YouTube, will know that, but of course not everyone has done so.)

In any case, I appreciate you posting as your comment lets people who visit and read this blog know that there are others who see pornography for what it is and who are standing up against it.

Take care, and please do feel free to post as much as you like and also to check out my YouTube channel, if you haven't already. (Where I have had almost 8 million hits on my videos so far.) Thank you.

salman said...

very nice post..Thanks for sharing this but can you provide some more details about Internet and Safety?

Anti-Pornography Activist :-) said...

Greetings salman.

Internet safety isn't really my area of expertise, so I recommend that you check out these two websites and all of the resources that they list:

Best wishes to you! :-)

Anonymous said...

Greetings. I've just stumbled on your blog and I am amazed at how evil pornography really is. I would like to write an article for this blog on why men (including myself) watch pornography. Not in defense of pornography, but simply for factual purposes. I will continue to follow this blog and other anti-pornography causes and maybe try to break my own dependence on it.

Anti-Pornography Activist :-) said...

Greetings Anonymous of February 25, 2011. :-)

Thank you for your comment. I'm glad to hear that my blog has educated you about how truly harmful pornography really is.

I have many other resources about the harms of pornography at various places across the Internet. All of them are more active than this blog, which is currently on hiatus.

I recommend that you check them out to learn more about this issue:

My main website:

My YouTube channels:

My Twitter accounts:

My MySpace pages:

The most active sites are my YouTube channels and my Twitter accounts, but you can find a lot of information that you might find informative at my main website and other sites also. You might also be interested in the website AntiPorn

Regarding the article that you suggested writing, I would love to post it here or on my main website to share with others. Please feel free to submit it via the contact page at

You are also welcome to share your personal story about your experiences with porn via the "Share Story" page at (You can also read over 100 other personal stories there at the Harm Stories page if you're interested.)

Thanks again for visiting and best wishes to you!

AntiPornography Activist